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My first

Well, there you have it: my first blog post. Doing this has been on my mind for a while now, like so many other things, but I tend to procrastinate everything. Time has been a commonly used excuse, but it is never really a good one. Though, having a girlfriend for over five years now (not living together, yet), going to the gym, being an avid gamer and having the occasional drink with friends doesn’t leave much room for anything else.

Since I recently started working in Brussels as consultant, I find myself everyday on the train for 40 minutes in the morning and 40 again in the evening. This is the perfect time to just start writing stuff down. There is barely internet on the train, so what else is there to do. But even then I find myself thinking, “I’ll do it this evening or tomorrow”.


Anyway, I am finally writing something down for the first time. I am doing this using the Byword app for iOS. It is a nice note taking app that synchronises to iCloud, Dropbox or just locally to your device. Apart from that it supports markdown in a nice user friendly way.

At the time of writing this, I actually don’t even have my blog up and running yet. The only thing I have right now is a default landing page generated by Nanoc. I am planning on using Nanoc to generate my static web pages which will be stored on GitHub Pages. I have read some great things about it and my colleague Tom also recently migrated his blog to Nanoc. Something else I like about it, is that I get to learn Ruby a bit more while configuring my blog. Not that it is going to be a spectacular amount of Ruby I’m going to write, but still.

When everything has been set up, another post will follow about my setup that goes deeper into the details and why I chose to use a static website generator. Also, you’ll be seeing some more changes to the layout and content in the coming weeks. For now I just wanted to get this first blog post online.